“Enhancing Teacher Methodology through Online Communities” course for Pre-service English Language Teachers supported by British Council.

The professional development course “Enhancing Teacher Methodology through Online Communities” is devoted specifically to pre-service English language teachers. The blended learning initiative aimed to cultivate the knowledge and skills requisite for future English Teachers to engage in meaningful learning experiences and collaborative endeavors with their peers, fostering the development of effective reflective practitioners. Throughout the course, the participants engaged with six properly curated modules, completed various activities on the British Council Online teacher Community (OTC) platform, and actively participated in live sessions and webinars featuring native speakers and experienced facilitators. Notable focal points of the course included the expansion of the pre-service teachers’ perspectives on key aspects such as understanding learner motivation within the classroom, deciphering language practice activities, mastering lesson management techniques, honing pronunciation skills, and comprehending the intricacies of assessment for learning. The course, thereby, ventures to contribute substantively to professional growth and pedagogical proficiency of pre-service English language teachers, preparing them comprehensively for the demands of their future instructional roles.

Pre-service English language teacher students of Ualikhanov University have been participating in this project for two years since 2023. This year 47 students successfully completed “Enhancing Teacher Methodology through Online Communities” and were awarded with the certificate of achievement. Moreover, university provided credits for this course which has been incorporated into the students’ transcripts.

We genuinely express our sincere gratitude for British council, Ualikhanov University team of facilitators and congratulate all the students!