Zoltán Buzády

Associate Professor of Leadership and Flow



International Flow Leadership Development Expert, Developer and Ambassador of FLIGBY, Hungary.

Zoltán Buzády, being a Hungarian who grew up in Germany, received his first degree in law from the London School of Economics (UK). His practical orientation and strong interest in the real dilemmas of people management led him to complete his MBA at CASS Business School (UK). Some time later, he returned to Hungary to complete his Ph.D. in philosophy, focusing on strategic issues in countries with transitional economy. Parallel to his academic work, his hobby is meeting people and developing new promising management concepts and solutions for leadership development.

During 2012-2015 he was director of the faculty for MBA programs at the Central European University in Budapest (CEU in Budapest).

He is currently a Professor of Management and Leadership at Corvinus Business School, Corvinus University, the oldest university in Hungary.

Guided by the motto "Education, Leadership, Breakthrough", Zoltán Buzády has spent a quarter of a century experimenting and innovating in the "Leadership, Cross-Cultural Management and Strategy" interface. He is the author of several case studies, has international awards for case study-based teaching, and has extensive practical experience as a team player and leader. His current research focuses on leadership theory and flow theory, combined with ideas of self-development and change management that aim to further develop leadership, these theories are applicable in a variety of cultural and situational contexts. New ideas can be perfectly used in talent management and in the development of personnel strategies based on modern big data trends and intellectual analysis of personnel.

Zoltán Buzády is also co-author of the book "Missing Link Discovered: Planting Csikszentmihalyi's Flow Theory into Management and Leadership Practice by using FLIGBY, the Official Flow-Leadership Game" using FLIGBY, the Official Flow-Leadership Game (2016), with special contributions in an essay by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the author of flow theory and the founder of positive psychology.

In 2018 he received an award at the international competition "Innovations in Pedagogy".

Zoltán Buzády conducts FLIGBY trainings for managers of large companies and corporations both in Hungary and around the world.


Leadership and theory Flow and FLIGBY
Nov. 12, 2021 - Nov. 22, 2021

Course for business partners and teachers

Leadership in education
Oct. 8, 2021 - Oct. 22, 2021

Course for undergraduates and doctoral students