INTERNATIONAL DOUBLE DIPLOMA PROGRAM6B02302: Translation Studies (English, German/Chinese)

Dear students!

We inform you that you have the opportunity to study abroad under the INTERNATIONAL DOUBLE DIPLOMA PROGRAM in the direction 6B02302: Translation (English, German / Chinese)!

The DOUBLE DIPLOMA PROGRAM allows you to study in Europe, get a double diploma from Sh.Valikhanov Kokshetau University in Kazakhstan and Mykolas Romeris University in Lithuania. Also, if you want to continue your education and build a career not only in Kazakhstan, but also in Europe, we recommend you to participate in this program!

Education is conducted at the undergraduate level in Kazakh, Russian and English. If you want to enter the DOUBLE DIPLOMA program in «Translation», «Oral Consecutive Translation» and «Translation Editing», you need to pass the UNT in English and World History and pass the threshold of 50 points!

The double diploma program gives you the opportunity to:

Level of study:


Teaching languages:

‒Kazakh, Russian, English


‒ written translation

‒oral consecutive translation

‒translation editing

Profile subjects (UNT): min. 50 points

‒ English + world history