Guide to the city of Kokshetau

Kokshetau is a small, green and soulful city that is famous for its picturesque surroundings. Kokshetau is a small, green and soulful city, famous for its picturesque surroundings. In the city itself, there's a hump, which offers a gorgeous view of the whole city, and Lake Kopa, where you can admire the most beautiful sunsets on its shores.


How to get to the city?

A direct flight to Kokshetau is possible from two cities - Aktau and Almaty. The flight is operated by SCAT airline. 

The airport is 17 km from the city center. You can get to the city by cab. The average cost is 1,500-2000 tg.

By train:

The train schedule and route options can be found and selected on the official website"Kazakhstan Temir Zholy". Kokshetau station is located near the city center, so you can use public transport. The bus fare is 150 tg in cash. The average cost of a cab around the city is 500-600 tg.

The average cost of a one-way ticket (for summer 2022):

Where to stay?

For invited guests, professors Ualikhanov University provides its apartments as part of the invitation.

Also in Kokshetau there are the following options for accommodation:


The restaurant and hotel complex GreenWhich is located in the center of Kokshetau, near Malik Gabdullin Museum. Guests are offered comfortable rooms, a restaurant and karaoke.

Price per night: from 18 thousand tenge

Alternatives: hotel Plaza (from 20 thousand tg), hotel Kokshetau (from 15 thousand tg).

A rental apartment

In Kokshetau, as in all other cities of Kazakhstan, there is an opportunity to rent an apartment for a few days. Prices for a one—room apartment per day of stay - from 8,500 tenge. This option is suitable for both a large family and a group of friends. You can book on the websites or .

Where to go for a walk in Kokshetau?

Despite the fact that Kokshetau is a small town, there are all conditions for different kinds of recreation. Those who prefer cultural rest can visit local museums and theaters, and those who like active recreation are advised to swim in the nearby lakes or go hiking in the mountains nearby. 

The most important attractions are not far from each other, so you can walk around them in a day. The main thing is to check the air temperature and dress appropriately before you go to the city. The weather in Kokshetau is changeable: it may be +35 ℃ during the day and strong wind and thunderstorms in the evening.

Of the things we particularly recommend:

In the last few years, Kokshetau has been actively built up. There are more and more residential complexes, restaurants and business centers. The most remarkable building is the renovated embankment along the Kopa Lake. Children's and sports grounds, small architectural forms, piers, benches, pedestrian and bicycle paths, etc. appeared on the shore for a comfortable rest of people. You can go there not only in the evening, but also in the morning to admire the sunrise and enjoy the silence. ( - link to coordinates, see 2gis)

The most famous symbol of Kokshetau is a large inscription with the name of the city on the slope of Bukpa hill, which resembles the popular letters "Hollywood" in California. The length of the Kokshetau inscription is 67 meters, and the height is 10 meters. This hill can be reached quickly enough, it is only a 30-minute walk from Central Park. There is also an observation deck on this hill, which offers a magnificent view of the whole city. To get there, you need to climb up the stairs specially leading to it. ( - link to coordinates, see 2gis)

Address: 83 Abaya Street

There are many museums in Kokshetau - the regional museum of local history, the museum of Malik Gabdullin, the museum of history of Kokshetau, the museum of literature and art, the museum "Mercy and bravery".

If there is no time to visit everyone, then we recommend visiting the local history museum , which was established in 1920. There are more than 70 thousand exhibits in the museum's funds — monuments of material and spiritual culture, natural science collections and photo-documentary material. The museum building is especially important because the museum has changed its address several times, moving from one building to another. Initially, the museum occupied one of the rooms in the premises of the county department of public education. Then every year the conditions got better, and the museum managed to move to a separate room — a four-room house in a brick two-story building on Sovetskaya Street No. 89 (now M. Auezov Street). Now this building is a monument of history and architecture, which is under state protection. ( - link to the coordinates of the Malik Gabdullin Regional Museum of Local Lore, - History Museum, - Museum of Literature and Art, see 2gis)

Address: near the hippodrome in the village of Krasny Yar

Kazakhstan's wind energy industry continues to develop dynamically. Akmola region, known for its sharply continental climate, uses gusty winds as a renewable energy source. 

In 2020, a project to build a wind power plant near the regional center was implemented. Five wind generators are located near the hippodrome of Krasny Yar village (12 km from Kokshetau).

This location has also become a favorite place of Kokshetau newlyweds. Here they shoot videos from drones and organize photo shoots. The combination of steppe plains with high wind turbines makes the photos special. ( nw s - link to coordinates, see 2gis)

This monument was erected and opened on November 5, 1977. In the center there is a figure of a warrior in a raincoat tent, with a machine gun in his hands, which froze in mournful silence. As a symbol of the memory of the heroism of our countrymen, the Eternal Flame does not go out. The alley of Heroes of the Soviet Union — Kokshetau and Akmola residents leads to the monument. ( - link to coordinates)

Park of Culture and Recreation is a public city park located in the central part of Kokshetau. The history of the park dates back to 1957, it is the oldest city park in Kokshetau. The area of the park is 3.5 hectares. The park occupies a rectangular area between Abay Street, Sagdiyev Street and Kudaiberdiyev Street.

Where to eat?

You can have breakfast and lunch at Caffein, which is located near Shokan Ualikhanov University. In this cafe you can find dishes of different cuisines - both European and Asian.

Average check: 2,500-3,500 tg.

In the same building there is a grill bar Bedduin, here you can also find a lot of European and Asian cuisine.

The average check: 3000-4000 tg.

Meat lovers can visit the restaurant Samruk. Fried manty, Kazakh-style meat, homemade beef in a bubbling pan, veal with potatoes and rosemary - the choice is to your liking! Don't forget to order national milk drinks: koumiss, shubat or ayran. For dessert you can order tea with jente. It's a real hearty Kazakh lunch!

Average check: 3,000-6,000 tenge

You can have dinner at the cozy "Tbilisi". It is the first Georgian restaurant in Kokshetau, which opened in 2019. Here you can order classic Georgian shashlik, khachapuri and khinkali, as well as drink real Georgian wine. 

Average check: 3 000-5 000 tenge

An alternative option is the recently opened family restaurant Nezagorami. The menu has several kinds of burgers, pizza, pasta - definitely something that every member of the family will enjoy.

Average check: 3 000-5 000 tenge

What would you do without the famous ice cream "Gormolzavod"? Walking around the city, stop at the stalls, which can be found at every step. Creamy, chocolatey, bubblegum, currant - ice cream for every taste. We recommend starting with the classic creamy one. We guarantee that this dessert will not leave you indifferent.

100 gr. - 350 tg