Внутренняя академическая мобильность

Who can participate:

students of bachelor's degree programs –1st-4th year

students of master's degree programs – 1 year of study

students of PhD doctoral programs – 1-2 years of study

Required documents:

Photos 3*4 – 2 pcs.

Letter of recommendation from teachers (in free form with the dean's signature and seal)

Written consent of parents in free form (with signatures and phone numbers of parents)

Transcript (COE) - (GPA not lower than 3.3)

Tuition fee agreement/ grant certificate (color copy) 131 kab

Reference 075 +fluorography (after confirmation of departure)

A copy of the identity card – 2 copies.

File -2 pcs

The student's application is 2 copies (see below) 212 kab


форма заявления рус.

ДАТЫ ПРИЁМА ДОКУМЕТОВ - 1 октября - 6 ноября 2023 г.